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Ultimate Florida Guardian Checklist {resource}

Comprehensive checklist prepared specifically for parents seeking guardianship for a child with a developmental disability in Florida, using the expedited Guardian Advocate process.

We put together our Ultimate Florida Guardianship Checklist specifically for parents and caretakers who are considering getting guardianship for a child with a developmental disability using Florida’s expedited Guardian Advocate process.

Whether you plan to hire an attorney, file on your own or do something in between with a service like Guardian Project, this comprehensive list tells you exactly what you will need to get, what you will need to do, and the decision you will need to make before filing.

It will save you hours of time, and may save you considerable money on legal fees.

The checklist covers:

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Special Resources

As a bonus, our list gives you links to additional resources that you can only get through Guardian Project, like:

  • Every court approved guardianship course listed by county,

  • The contact information for every probate clerk, by county

  • Civil indigency guidelines and forms

  • Links to all Florida statues, rules, and regulations for guardianship

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It’s completely free, all you need to do is fill out the form to the right and you will automatically be redirected to a download page. It’s that simple!

Go to guardianproject.us/checklist to get your copy.

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