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An on-demand online workshop, guided by a lawyer, that helps you protect your disabled child with guardianship, stress free, and at a fraction of the cost of hiring a law firm.

What’s the Guardian Project process?

On-Demand Workshop

Our guardianship attorneys guide you every step of the way through the filing process using our stress free, easy-to-follow system.

Access to Attorneys

You have access to a lawyer to ask questions, and your guardianship petition will be reviewed by a lawyer before you file it with the court.

Community Connection

If you get stumped, connect with other parents experiencing the same exact things in an online community group moderated by our lawyers.

Our Guaranty

If the process becomes too much for you to handle, you can apply your registration fee towards hiring our attorneys to finish the process for you.

To see if the Online Guardianship Workshop is the best way for you to get guardianship for your child.


Discover how Guardian Project helps special needs parents protect their children by filing for guardianship without stress and for less money.

6 Easy Classes • Learn All the Secrets Used by Attorneys

Live, Convenient Online Classes

Our attorneys guide you, step-by-step, through the guardianship process – from filing through your court appearance – in 6 online classes that you can access from anywhere on any device.
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1 6 easy classes
2 Learn anywhere on any device
3 Guided by an attorney

What makes Guardian Project so different?

Your baby is turning 18. You want to get guardianship to prevent your child from being taken advantage of and to keep them healthy. But spending $2,500 or more on a lawyer is out of reach, and applying for guardianship without one feels overwhelming. If this is you, Guardian Project can help.

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Hiring an attorney to get guardianship for a child with an intellectual or developmental disability is expensive, and is a burden that many special needs families cannot easily afford. On the other hand, navigating your way through the complicated guardian advocate process alone is overwhelming.

Special needs dad and Florida lawyer Stephen Furnari was frustrated by the lack of options for special needs parents, and was tired of seeing his friends be financially burdened, or riddled with anxiety, simply because they were being good parents.

Using his experience as a volunteer legal aid attorney, Steve created Guardian Project to help other special needs families get guardianship for their children in a way that is both affordable and provides the legal guidance parents need to eliminate overwhelm.

When you register for the Guardian Project Workshop, you will:

  1. Complete and file your guardianship application with the guidance of an attorney. Steve will guide you step-by-step through the completion of your guardianship application, and will guide you through your court appearance over six weekly online (webinar-style) classes. You can participate from anywhere, on any device.
  2. Have your application reviewed by an attorney before filing. Guardian Projects’ attorneys will review your application for mistakes that can can cause confusing delays with the court.
  3. You can ask questions from other parents just like you. Guardianship challenges won’t end after you are appointed by the court. You will have access to an online community where you can share your questions and concerns during the application process and for years afterwards.
  4. You’ll be supporting special needs charities. Guardian Project is Steve’s passion project, which is why a percentage of all fees are donated to charities that support the special needs community.

The truth is, getting guardianship is just a matter of getting the right forms, filling them out correctly, and fudging your way through a short court appearance. There are many ways to get snagged up (we know, we’ve made the mistakes so you don’t have to), but with Guardian Project, we can help you make sure the process is easy and affordable.

"This program is very informative, and gives us parents hope for our kids."



"We are not alone with this very important decision. Mr. Furnari has his heart in this project."



"Thankful that Guardian Project offers this as a service to the special needs community."



"A real 'eye opener'. Great presentation and very informative."



"This was a very informative presentation on a very complex topic."



What’s my investment?

What’s the costs of doing nothing? Not protecting your child with guardianship when he or she turns 18? Could your child end up living on the streets? Will he or she be easily influenced and taken advantage of by others who wish to do them harm? Will your child opt out of medical treatments putting their health at risk? What will happen to them if you get sick, or die?

If you’ve been procrastinating about getting guardianship because lawyers are too expensive, or you’re overwhelmed by the process, Guardian Project may be your opportunity to protect your child by getting guardianship without stress, anxiety or breaking the bank.

to Giving

A percentage of all revenue is donated to charities that support the special needs community.

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