Information for parents considering guardianship for a child with a disability.


The Ultimate
Guardianship Checklist

A comprehensive list of what you need to get and decide before filing for guardianship.

Guardianship &
Healthcare Assessment

Find out if guardianship is needed to manage your child’s healthcare when they turn 18.

Do You REALLY Need

5-step assessment to see if guardianship is really needed to protect your child when they turn 18.



guardianship alternatives thumbnail

Guardianship Alternatives

A discussion about the benefits and risks of guardianship alternatives for persons with an intellectual and developmental disability in Florida.

guardianship faq thumbnail

Guardianship FAQ

Frequently asked questions about Florida Guardianship asked by parents of children with intellectual and developmental disabilities

guardianship costs thumbnail

Guardianship Costs

An infographic that explains the cost for getting guardianship for a child with a developmental disability in Florida, using the guardian advocate process.

guardianship glossary thumbnail

Guardianship Glossary

Speak the same language as lawyers, judges and court staff. Written specifically for special needs parents seeking guardianship in Florida.

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Guardianship Benefits & Risks

Is guardianship overkill? This infographic lists the benefits and drawbacks of guardianship for a child with a developmental disability.

guardianship and healthcare thumbnail

Guardianship & Healthcare

If your child with a developmental disability died because you didn’t consider guardianship, how would you feel?