Guardianship: Benefits & Risks {infographic}

04 Feb, 2018

Infographic listing the benefits and drawbacks of guardianship for a child with a developmental disability.

If you’re doing your homework about whether guardianship is a good fit for your family, there’s a lot to learn.

Guardianship Benefits vs. Risks

Guardianship is the most effective way to keep an adult child with special needs safe from abuse. Some rights can be preserved and it is a good way to make sure the child is cared for after parents die. However, guardianship removes rights, a court is involved in your family life, and it can be expensive to get and difficult to change.

Guardianship Infographic

To help you along, we pulled together everything you need to know is an easy-to-follow infographic.

For more detailed information, see our white paper about guardianship alternatives or check out our Florida Guardianship FAQ.

Guardianship Benefits & Drawbacks Infographic


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